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Dr. Terry Aaron, Ph.D.
Licensed Biblical Therapist

Life is Hard, I can Help


When I was a child I assumed everyone experienced life as I did.  If something made me happy I thought it would make others happy, and if something made me sad I expected others to feel the same.  As I have traveled on my life journey filled with diverse friends and experiences my perspective has changed.  While there are countless similarities that we share as humans, there are just as many differences.

I believe each individual has a unique story that is waiting to be told.  One of the blessings I experience, as a counselor and therapist, is the privilege of being brought into the stories of my clients and helping them move forward in life when they feel "stuck".  Whether the obstacles include abuse, anger, anxiety, career issues, fear, depression, relationships or family problems, spiritual difficulties, or something else, there is hope.

As I am writing this I can't help but wonder, what is your story?  What brought you to this site?  If you are struggling in life and want someone to walk with you on your journey, you're not alone.  

I am available to meet with you online with Telehealth video OR you may meet in my office.

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